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HD models


The more precisely the ComfortClass 500 is customised to your specific requirements and areas of application, the more efficiently it will work for you on the road. This is why you can not only select among several equipment options, but also among eight length and height versions. Each one delivers an outstanding price-performance ratio, fair investment costs per seat, exemplary availability and high-level investment security.

The popular Club CoachThe compact S 511 HD is the "Club Coach" for quality travel with a limited number of passengers.

The popular 12-meter class. The S 515 HD, the new high-decker model in the popular 12 m class, offers enough space to accommodate a lot of luggage. Whether for excursions or long-distance travel, this coach delivers exceptional applications versatility.

Now with even more load capacityThe S 516 HD/2, in spite of Euro VI conformity and increased rigidity, offers a light advantage in load versus Euro V. With its two axles, it ranks among the most cost-effective 13-meter coaches.

Ready take on big challenges. Thanks to its three axles, the S 516 HD can accommodate a higher load capacity, and thereby substantially more flexibility: ideal for special interior equipment and fittings, and also for existing axle limitations.

Quite simply more spaceThe S 517 HD has the seating to comfortably accommodate up to 59 passengers - plus plenty of room for a lot of luggage. And thanks to its high-level cost-effectiveness, it is also interesting for occasional services.

The longest ComfortClassThe seating-optimised S 519 HD is the ideal vehicle for travelling with many passengers. It is perfect for long-distance travel, since it is also highly cost-effective.

Total length [mm] 10.465 12.295
Width [mm] 2.550 2.550
Total height [mm] 3.770 3.770
Interior standing height [mm] 2.100 2.100
Wheelbase [mm] 5.005 6.090
Distance between rear axles [mm] - -
Turning circle [mm] 17.468 21.256
Engine 1 OM 470 Euro VI OM 470 Euro VI
Nominal capacity [kW] (Engine 1) 290 315 / 335
Max. torque [Nm] (Engine 1) 1.900 2.100 / 2.200
at speed [1/min] (Engine 1) 1.100 1.100
Displacement [l - Litre] (Engine 1) 10,7 10,7
Type (Engine 1) 6-cylinder in-line engine 6-cylinder in-line engine
EU emission standard (Engine 1) VI VI
Injection (Engine 1) Common-rail-technology with X-pulse pressure booster Common-rail-technology with X-pulse pressure booster
Engine 2 - -
Nominal capacity [kW] (Engine 2) - -
Max. torque [Nm] [Nm] (Engine 2) - -
at speed [1/min] (Engine 2) - -
Displacement [l - Litre] (Engine 2) - -
Type (Engine 2) - -
EU emission standard (Engine 2) - -
Injection (Engine 2) - -
Transmission Mercedes-Benz GO 250-8 MPS (PowerShift), 8-gear Mercedes-Benz GO 250-8 MPS (PowerShift), 8-gear
Transmission 2* Mercedes-Benz GO 210-6 (PowerShift), 6-gear Mercedes-Benz GO 210-6 (PowerShift), 6-gear
Transmission 3* -
Front axle: independent suspension, anti-roll bar
Drive axle: with anti-roll bar
Trailing axle: active steering, independent suspension - -
Raising/Lowering system
Engine/Drive/Brake management with retarder integration
Pneumatic disc brakes on all axles
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Electronically controlled braking system (EBS)
Anti-blocking system (ABS)
Traction control system (TCS)
Brake Assist (BAS)
Retarder limiter (RL)
Front Collision Guard (FCG)
Rollover strength compliant with ECE-R 66/01
Adaptive Cruise Control (ART) ✔* ✔*
Lane Assist (SPA)
Attention Assist (AtAs) ✔* ✔*
Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) ✔*
Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4) ✔*
Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) ✔* ✔*
Eco Driver Feedback (EDF) ✔* ✔*
Seats/Luggage compartment
Number of seats– Standard seating 43 51
Number of seats – With 4* equipment 36 46
Number of seats– With 5* equipment 32 40
Storage volume – Luggage compartment volume [m³] 6,5 9,9
Seating versions 1 S 511 HD - 3 stars - 40 seats + WC + on-board kitchen S 515 HD - 3 stars - 53 seats + WC
Seating versions 2 S 511 HD - 5 stars - 32 seats + WC + on-board kitchen S 515 HD - 4 stars - 44 seats (staggered) + WC + on-board kitchen
Fuel tanks
Diesel fuel tank volume [l - Litre] 310 480
AdBlue tank volume [l - Litre] 35 35
Can be filled from both sides -
Number of doors 2 2
Door 1 – Number of door panels 1 1
Door 1 – Width per panel [mm] 900 900
Door 1 – Entrance, above the roadway – Without kneeling [mm] 370 370
Door 1 – Entrance, above the roadway – Kneeling step 1 [mm] 330 330
Door 2 – Number of door panels 1 1
Door 2 – Width per panel [mm] 900 900
Door 2 – Entrance, above the roadway – Without kneeling [mm] 370 370
Door 2 – Entrance, above the roadway – Kneeling step 1 [mm] 330 330
Heating/Air conditioning/Ventilation
Convector heating at side walls
Driver's area air conditioning
Roof-top air conditioning system
EvoCool Basic
EvoCool Comfort ✔* ✔*
EvoCool ComfortPlus ✔* ✔*

* Special feature

The specifications correspond to standard vehicle configurations. Technical modifications may have occurred after the copy deadline. Therefore, please contact your Setra representative for the latest binding version.

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