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Have you also fallen head over heels in love with Setra?

Is Setra engrained in your heart? Embroidered on your clothing? Or part of your very being? Is Setra not only a work friend, but also part of your private life – as a collector, aficionado or connoisseur?

Setra is turning 70! We want to know how you live and love all things Setra and celebrate our shared passion. Send a suitable image with a short explanation saying how Setra moves your world. We will present your contributions here on our website and across the Daimler Buses social media channels. Because on our birthday we have decided to celebrate our biggest fans: you – and thank you for your years of loyalty, love and passion. 


The enthusiasm for Setra is even recognizable on their little daughter's body grow. M. B. is very proud of Setra and has worked in various areas and positions at EvoBus since his apprenticeship in 1999 until today.


Always a touch of Setra on board.  When he changed jobs from bus to car, P. H. received this key ring as a farewell gift, it always accompanies him when he takes the convertible for a spin.


Anyone can make a snowman, but who has a snow bus in his garden? J. F. and his family also carry the torch for Setra in the winter months and have built an S 515 HDH out of vast quantities of compacted snow.


Yankee Line converted their Setra TopClass buses into mobile vaccination units, creating a comfortable, clean environment for medical staff and patients. 20,000 vaccinations could thus be administered on the east coast of the USA.


"Fritz", the Setra S 80 (built 1968) is not only part of U. Sch.'s family but also the fulfilment of his life's dream. Even as a young boy, he wanted to become a bus driver, but ONLY on a Setra.


W. M. with a photo showing him as a 15-year-old in front of his favourite model, the S 8. He discovered his love for buses as a child with his aunt, who ran a bus company, followed by an apprenticeship at Kässbohrer and from then on, his passion for Setra never left him.

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